What If They’re All Right?

Better Communication and Conflict Resolution

If everyone is right it means that from where this person is standing, he is completely justified to think, and feel and say what he is saying. So is that other person.

Less judging.

What if your angry neighbour is right? What if he is justified in feeling that way? What if you too are justified feeling bothered at his anger? That too is valid.

More Self -Trust

If everyone is right, opinions loose their unbearable weight. They have weight in the first place because you think some are right and others wrong. But if all are right you simply detach from caring what other people think. Because everyone is right, no one is right, and you are also right. If everyone is right, you end up doing what feels right to you. There will always be a person who says what you are doing is right and another that says it is wrong. But if both are right, then you get to decide for yourself what is right. And at the end of the day that is the only thing that really matters. Do you feel what you are doing is right? If not, don’t do it. If so do it. This means you will have more self-trust.

In closing…

You limit yourself when you assume right and wrong. You open yourself to opportunities if you assume the other is right from the get go. Yes, assume they are right. Not all of it may be valid but don’t limit yourself by cutting it out because it doesn’t fit your current reality. Assume you may be missing something. Be open. Maybe they’re right too.



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