The Truth About Astronomy And Horoscopes.

Adrien Jamai
3 min readSep 17, 2019

The Sun, the Moon, and Earth. The biggest physical bodies that affect Life. Remove one and Life as it is know today is not possible. Remove the sun and it’s lights out in less than 13 minutes. Solar powered life dies and mortifying cold reigns in a couples hours. Remove the Moon and water bodies no longer ebb and flow, cycles do not function properly and insects are disoriented. If insects are disoriented, life doesn’t last very long. Remove the Earth and, well… that one doesn’t need much explaining does it. (Hint: Perhaps your feet might be in the void).

Life is intrinsically linked with these massive bodies.

It is logical to say that other astral bodies in the solar system also affect Life. The other planets in particular have an impact. I cannot say in what way but i can be positive they have an effect, the same way the sun and moon do. Sure, their effects may be more intricate and easily unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean they have no effect.

We can even settle just on the gravitational pull these bodies exert on Earth. They have an effect. Even distant stars thousands of light years away do. Their effect is just smaller because they are so far.

This makes astronomy valid. It does not mean that everything in astronomy is truthful. It just means that part of what is said in astronomy and horoscopes must be true. That since it is a study of those bodies and their effects on us, it must at the very minimum have a couple insights we can learn from.

To disregard it as hocus poccus is ridiculous and illogical. It would only be another demonstration of the human ego trying to feel superior to nature and the world around it. Humans like to think they are superior to Nature and thus treat it in unsavoury ways by polluting and trying to dominate it. Never realising that they are themselves a part of that Nature and thus cannot dominate the very thing they are a part of. That is simply Ego. Thinking you can surpass death is a delusion of the Ego. Thinking you can dominate the world and the laws of nature is delusional. If you think you can prevent the Sun from rising you are misguided.

The reality is you are a part of Nature. Nature is bigger than you. It always has. And always will. You live in a physical world. You have physical needs. There are physical laws. They can’t be broken. We can only improve our understanding of them through observation and study.

The people who call out astronomy and horoscopes and say they are bogus because they are “unscientific” are mislead. Invalidating something just because you don’t understand it doesn’t make it false. It just highlights your ignorance. And it is perfectly fine not to know. It is just dangerous to pretend to know things you don’t. It doesn’t mean that everything in astronomy is true. But it does mean that not everything it contains is false. That distinction is important.

I do not presume to know anything about astronomy or horoscopes. I keep an open mind and remain curious as to what their effects on us might be. But I certainly do not think they are insignificant.

What are your thoughts on Astrology?

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