The Need That Goes

Adrien Jamai
Apr 30, 2023

A Poem by Adrien Jamai

The Need That Goes

The need to go.
I went there.
The need to know.
I got there.
Now, I am here.

Rowing, running, studying.
Money, Love, Happiness.
Italia, Australia, India.

In pleasure or pain,
In heaven or hell,
Still, I am.

Sadhana works it’s magic slowly.
Slowly the need to go weakens.
I am here. Fully here, accepting.

Married, carried, burried.
Still, I am here.

Formless yet everpresent.

When I touch it,
When I touch myself,
My Aha!
There goes a tear.
And another.
Now another.
Maya is clear.
For I am here.

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