See Things As They Are

Adrien Jamai
2 min readOct 6, 2019

To see things as they are. What a magnificent way to live ! Rather than adding superficial meaning that deforms your perceptions and disturbs your peace of mind, be objective and look at things for what they are. Don’t cling to mental fantasies of what you would like things to be.

Succulent wine: Fermented grapes.

Delicious roast beef: Heated dead cow.

Sex: A rubbing of genitals.

Farts: The vibration of the anal tissue due to the passing of gas.

Let us take an example that everyone knows very well-going to the bathroom-and see how applying this kind of thinking will leave you undisturbed.

Poop: undigested food and body waste matter.

Does it smell? Yes, it smells. In fact it smells like poop.

If you go to a bathroom and it smells like poop, why be upset? You are in a bathroom after all. What is it supposed to smell like? Roses?

What are you about to do there anyway? Deposit your own waste products.

Don’t be so self-centered thinking your poop is better than someone else’s. You just don’t notice your poop smell as much as someone else’s because you’re used to it.

If you go in a bathroom and it smells bad. Do these steps:

  1. Acknowledge that it smells like poop or urin. There is no need to choose to be upset that someone came here before you and did what you are about to do.
  2. Then if it still bothers you, see if you can do something about the smell. If you can do something to make it more accommodating and want to do it, do it. If not, move on. If you can’t do anything, acknowledge it, then move on.
  3. Enjoy your undisturbed peace of mind.

Why let external events disturb you? See things as they are. Change the things you can change, acknowledge the things you cannot. Then go on living your day.

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