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Adrien Jamai
4 min readMay 2, 2023

On today’s auspicious Buddha Poonami, that is, the full moon attributed to Gautama the Buddha’s Enlightenment day let’s talk about transcending boundaries.

There is a quote from Sadhguru that I love. It is also happens to be the quote I hate the most. It inspires me and it threatens me completely and constantly. It makes me profoundly uncomfortable. Yet I keep coming back to it again and again.

“It takes a completely different kind of consciousness and awareness to stretch yourself to your ultimate limit without anyone’s expectations. That takes something else within you. Right now you are not like that. You are only driven by people’s expectations. So let them expect bigger and bigger things from you. You manage the situations to the extent you can manage them. Some things will always be out of control, and the more things you get into, the more things will be going wrong in your life. But many more things will be going right also. The quality of your life, or the success of your life need not be measured in terms of fulfilling something. It needs to be measured in terms of whether you are giving yourself totally or not. What has to happen will happen according to your capability, the situations, and how everything falls together — many things are included in this. But are you giving yourself hundred percent to whatever you care for in your life? That’s the question.” — Sadhguru

I look at a tree, a bird, a bee. They are all doing their best every day. They get up at sunrise and do their best.

But me? Well… you know… so many excuses… so much comfort… so much…

I hate this quote because it tickles the exact point I don’t want to be tickled because I know that I’m bound to be uncomfortable if I indulge in this.

The best living examples I’ve seen of this are David Goggins and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. They are just fully on every day. I’ve also seen a several Isha Volunteers with this quality.

I love this because it challenges me to be my best in every moment of my life. To give everything I have. I hate this because I see how self evidently it is not at all the case for me. I rarely go to bed thinking today I have given everything I could. Yet I know from experience that when I do those are the most fulfilling days. I can clearly see I have not given my best every moment.

I hate this because I makes me realise how much I delude myself.

There is a tendency to self-flagelate. To self-punish because you aren’t where you want to be. Because you aren’t doing whatever standard you are striving for. Yes, you don’t have to do that shit. But if you do, let it become fertiliser for your growth.

I hate this because it shows me how much I rely on others in order to act. Your friends, lover, coworkers, people in society aren’t holding themselves to such a standard of excellence. Why the hell would you? Why put yourself through such a demanding standard every moment of your life?

That is the fundemental question.

  • Why pick up that piece of plastic on the ground to put it in the trash?
  • Why make your bed in the morning?
  • Why take care of your hygiene?
  • Why fold your clothes neatly?
  • Why be pleasant to others?
  • Why make that piece of art?
  • Why call that person and say sorry?
  • Why start that business?
  • Why get in shape?
  • Why be truthful?
  • The list goes on.

That single question will come up and challenge the slightest discomfort in your life. “WHY.” Three letters that can unravel most minds and make you quit.

Why indeed?

Because you’re gonna die. Yet another truth most conveniently set aside by most. Yes, you are going to die. No question about it. It is the only guarantee in our little life, on this little planet, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Why not see what the hell you’re capable of before that inevitable fate happens? Why not see what you’re capable of giving before you die? Oh, wait, but you want something in return? Some form of compensation? Some insurance? A reward perhaps? No such thing. Only death. And perhaps the knowledge of whether you gave it all or not.

You want people to see all that you have done? You want praise? Appreciation for your actions? How many more things are you expecting before you give?

What if you are given absolutely nothing? Or just enough to survive? Would you still give your best? Will you still give your best?

And also that list of conveniently never-ending excuses:

  • I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • The bed is warm.
  • I want to spend time with wifey, the children.
  • It’s raining outside.
  • Those people aren’t doing it.
  • It’s not that important after all.
  • I’m feeling sick.
  • I’m unwell.

Yes, all that may be true. But can you still give yourself and be your best? Squeeze every drop of life out of your system before you die?
Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps. Let me think about that. I’ll let you know. Maybe tomorrow…

Comfort or Excellence?

Can you strive for excellence without imposing it onto others? Can you be an example rather than an empty preacher?

Remember, you become what you give. You do not become what you keep. It is also 100% guaranteed you will die.

Why not go out burning bright? Or do you want to die stifled, crippled, depressed, full of unexpressed life?
To Burn and go out like a Fireball. Or to wither away… life unexpressed.

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