Entangling cycles of incessant thought
On and on they go

Spirals of doom
Circles of pleasure
Spinning you ‘round the merry-go-round

Stories, beliefs and fairy tales
All many faces of the cycle
Lifting you higher and higher until they dump you
Up and down, round and round
Cycles of memory recycled again…

After a long break, I’m happy to announce that I’m back and will be posting more regularly.

This break has been full of reflection and discovery. After letting the mud of confusion settle, some clarity has arisen. I hope to impart a piece of what insights I have gained, whilst bringing you along further explorations in a spirit of adventure and an unceasing desire to move past limitations. May you find something that resonates in the various forms of expression that are to follow.


Originally published at http://adrienjamai.home.blog on October 24, 2020.

Life dances under the nocturnal sun in full exuberance

I smell flowers in full bloom free fresh fragrance

I see spiders spill ilk in spun silk

I taste the sweetness of fresh strawberry

I hear life awake during this night of vibrance

I feel tears roll down my cheeks as i feel my life in resonance

Who would have known what sweetness lies in receptivity

I am going to school.
There is a wall on the path I take.
I wonder what is beyond the wall.
I want to look but i can’t, I am small.

I am small.
I am going to school.
There is a big wall on the path I take.
I wonder what…

Photo taken by yours truly.

You can learn a lot about life waiting at red lights. You learn a lot about yourself. You learn a lot about other people. It can be quite amusing to watch people and how they react.

How do you behave at a red light? Do you respect the red light…

Adrien Jamai

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